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Not about to let Spoopyween go by without at least throwing together a piece for it. What else better than Witch Twilight?

I finally got around to executing this idea that I had since last year. I had originally planned for a jack-o-lantern and moonlight scene but I lacked the technical expertise to pull that off and ended up with a radioactive butterfly. XD

Well I hope you all have a great spooktober! Christmas is up next!

Time Taken: 8 hours
Programs: Photoshop CC 2017
Tablet: Wacom Bamboo CTH-670

safe1615238 artist:lollipony211 twilight sparkle288261 alicorn205981 bird7371 crow220 pony882917 :34042 broom1642 clothes425814 costume25917 cute186199 dark4359 dress41122 featured image814 female1285831 fence2655 fog834 forest9342 halloween8017 halloween costume1648 hat79490 holiday17028 horn51994 jack-o-lantern2258 looking at you152542 mare439325 mouth hold15990 night24228 nightmare night4653 nightmare night costume1525 nom2936 pose5195 pumpkin4093 raised hoof40709 raised leg7061 robes313 scenery7519 silhouette2332 smiling224441 solo1003407 spoopy101 standing10919 tree29170 twiabetes10836 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118360 wing fluff1499 wings87648 witch2300 witch hat2840


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