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Not about to let Spoopyween go by without at least throwing together a piece for it. What else better than Witch Twilight? 

I finally got around to executing this idea that I had since last year. I had originally planned for a jack-o-lantern and moonlight scene but I lacked the technical expertise to pull that off and ended up with a radioactive butterfly. XD 

Well I hope you all have a great spooktober! Christmas is up next!

Time Taken: 8 hours
Programs: Photoshop CC 2017
Tablet: Wacom Bamboo CTH-670

safe (1456651)artist:lollipony (131)twilight sparkle (265160)alicorn (169654)bird (5559)crow (175)pony (722255):3 (3572)broom (1442)clothes (365341)costume (22645)cute (153581)dark (3920)dress (35830)featured image (718)female (783951)fence (2222)fog (678)forest (7793)halloween (6583)halloween costume (1200)hat (66869)holiday (12044)horn (28435)jack-o-lantern (1949)looking at you (124601)mare (350002)mouth hold (13640)night (19977)nightmare night (4244)nightmare night costume (1354)nom (2675)pose (4143)pumpkin (3301)raised hoof (32934)raised leg (5957)robes (270)silhouette (2113)smiling (188157)solo (893097)spoopy (92)standing (8473)tree (23369)twiabetes (8560)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (104911)wing fluff (1282)wings (55635)witch (1954)witch hat (2271)


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Ohh…i vonder if zis picture can reach 2000 likes before anozer Featured Image is posted…
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It’s the spoopiest month of the year! And I see Book Horse is dressed for the occasion. :D
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