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safe (1458881)screencap (180109)limestone pie (4406)marble pie (5675)maud pie (11243)pinkie pie (192230)earth pony (158022)pony (724160)best gift ever (2114)animated (86195)cute (154080)dhx is trying to murder us (141)female (785974)forehead kiss (155)in which pinkie pie forgets how to gravity (91)kissing (20562)kiss on the cheek (1235)limetsun pie (193)mare (351184)maud being maud (67)pie sisters (1066)pinkie being pinkie (861)pinkie physics (333)platonic kiss (49)siblings (4145)sisterly love (281)sisters (6177)smiling (188528)tsundere (2442)varying degrees of want (574)when she smiles (881)

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Background Pony #DD0E
Awww, Marble Pie is smiling. Imagine her reaction if her special somepony kisses her someday…
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Comments23 comments posted