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_Twilight, what are you doing?
Making chocolate pudding.
It's four o'clock in the morning, why on earth are you making chocolate pudding?
…Because I've lost control of my life._
safe1655790 artist:amarthgul268 edit127546 twilight sparkle293796 alicorn214664 pony920206 best gift ever2369 1000 years in photoshop525 chocolate pudding22 derp6628 didi pickles2 faic12019 female1319124 i've lost control of my life8 kitchen1745 making chocolate pudding15 meme80666 not salmon2253 pan139 pot521 pudding face178 rugrats104 simple background376640 solo1031388 spoon1323 stove183 stu pickles9 twilight sparkle (alicorn)120909 twilynanas127 vector74885 wat18899


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Duck - TOTALLY regrets spewing birdshit like a sprinkler constantly
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The Saab pony.
@Background Pony #FDD2
Did she have control over it to begin with?
She was
- forced to move to Ponyville
- ends up fighting random shit all the time
- gets her things constantly destroyed by others
- suddenly became a princess
- ended up in the human dimension
- didn't find out about her brother's wedding until a week before
- was rainboomed into getting her cutie mark
- was given a baby dragon to raise at the age of a pre teen

So yeah, no wonder she's a bit phycho.

And that's why I love her. 💜
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A Smut artist for Fun
Here. . .you win the internet for. . .5 minutes retrospective as of. . . 3 days ago.
. . . . .

Shining Armor: Twily, what are you doing?
Twilight: Making chocolate pudding memes.
Shining Armor: Why?
Twilight: Because the fandom's lost control of it's mind over this.