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explicit343306 artist:amberpendant346 fluttershy209511 pegasus280272 pony938919 anatomically correct23282 anus94540 blushing192590 clitoris26474 dark genitals10651 dock48398 female1336184 flutterbutt4922 large ponut1628 looking at you163136 mare466275 nudity361526 plot76963 ponut42378 rear view11551 solo1043736 solo female176823 vulva124523


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Ponies are hot
oh hell yeah, Starlight. She's fucking hot, too. Now that she is included it's really hard for me to rank. Well, between Starlight and Twilight in clop, i choose Twilight. But non-clop, then it is Starlight. Also, have you read some clopfics about human x Pinkie? I have read some and those that i really like are those that get very dramatic and emotional.

Ponies are hot
Oh hell yeah i totally do! <3
Every time i search for Fluttershy in any website for clop, pics or fics, i feel extremely sexual for her. Even in my workplace! Of all the ponies of the mane 6, Fluttershy is my ideal sex buddy and waifu. Also, which one of the mane 6 is for you?
My rank for the mane 6 in terms of clop:

1. Fluttershy
2. Twilight Sparkle
3. Pinkie Pie
4. Rarity
5. Applejack
6. Rainbow Dash