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I'm the original creator of this particular bingo board and decided to fill it out.

After a bit of debate with myself, I decided to categories the Crystal Ponies as a different sapient race. I might change my mind later, but the show does seem to put them apart of ponies.

Again, might change my mind when I update this again by the end of this season or if we somehow get bingo.
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not provided yet


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I wouldn't really consider that to have been a lesson on the Everfree Forest? I mean, we already knew that place was filled with weird occurrences, plants, and animals, so it's not much of a surprise to see some magical pond.

What I believe to be "learn more about the everfree forest" is how it ended up like that or maybe learn something MUCH MORE significant about the forest ITSELF and not just what it contains.
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There's a magical pond in the Everfree Forest that clones people. Does that count as "learn more the Everfree Forest".


There's confusion about the SERIOUS LESSON block and why I marked it off. That's because it was for "One Bad Apple" and how they tackled bullying.

Heck, Meghan McCarthy was pretty enthusiastic about it, so I decided that it was a serious enough lesson for kids to check off.


Exactly my point. Luna wasn't the main focus and didn't play that large a role in the episode, so therefore, not a Luna episode.

Still Scootaloo episode is just as good.
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Applejack will never get a song. Whatever you read on twitter is a trick.

If you're going to call Sleepless in Ponyville a Luna episode then you might as well call it an Apple Jack episode or Rarity episode. Both had more screentime than Luna.
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Perhaps the serious lesson is the last episode. Fulfilling your dream at the cost of your moral and ideals is not acceptable.
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might as well check off that Luna one
that Scootaloo episode was as good as it was gonna get

hey wait, why are people bitching about luna episodes when celestia hasn't even had one?
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I was wondering too, what do you mean by serious lesson and why it is marked. Non of the lessons where seemed to me more serious than in the past seasons.

@The Smiling Pony

No, "Sleepless in Ponyville" was not a Luna episode, as she was not the main focus, so in all honesty, does not count.

I'm aware of this, especially from a particular twitter feed, but I don't want to cause confusion or spoil anything.

That and Applejack might get upstaged in the song, hehe.

It's shown that the Crystal Kingdom is OUTSIDE Equestria's boarders. So no, that doesn't count in my eyes.

King Sombra was not Royalty of EQUESTRIA. That's why there's a picture of Prince Blueblood.

Also, no, Sombra returning would count towards a Villain Returning, since, well, that's never happened on the show before and would differently count.
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Well, the Wonderbolts are going to get blind bags next year. That's kinda like product placement too since the episode aired.
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Sleepless in Ponyville practically counts as a Luna episode.
There are strong hints towards an AJ song being a thing that is happening.
Learning about the Crystal Kingdom is kind of related to Equestria's history.
Kind Sombra was Royalty. Maybe not Equestrian, but still.
Imma imagine that Sombra returning wouldn't count towards Villain Returns.


Wow, I actually didn't consider that at all. Alright, that solves that.

Also, I said WELL USED. In my opinion, despite the labor of the writers and staff, the inclusion of these crystal ponies felt a bit…shoehorned.

At least in my opinion.

However, I might just add it by the end of the season if I change my mind.
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There's another bingo one where the Mane 6 get a "special somepony". That's never going to happen.

I also seriously didn't expect Shining Armor and Cadence to show up again, but hey, they WERE mentioned…so

Also, I know another spoiler from twitter, but decided to reserve my judgement until the episode aired.