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UPDATE 17/08/2014 — Corrected most apparent mistakes, changed the size of the font, tweaked most panels in more or less visible ways, changed the black 'background' into white.

Korean translation:

Oh man. I can't believe I drew this… I hope I haven't overdone it in the 7th panel
And yes, a toilet again. Because what is a prison without a dirty toilet.

Poor Pinkie. She's gonna have hard time in that place. But ignorance is not an excuse, apparently.

Everything was drawn by me in Ponyscape (a derivative of Inkscape) and Inkscape.

MLP Pinkie Pie and Screw Loose belong to Hasbro.
The Policepony designed by me.
"Art" by me.
You can send it to any site/blog/booru etc, or translate into any language, but please remember to link back here (but you can't post it on DeviantArt!)
I submitted this comic to a contest organized by Group-Of-Stalkers and I won this contest!…
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safe1587634 artist:pony-berserker678 pinkie pie204512 screw loose540 oc609927 unnamed oc1622 earth pony206252 pony857775 comic:i just wanted to see them smile1 2013687 2014815 alternate hairstyle24837 angry24422 bed36989 blanket4777 bread1267 cleaning427 comic101491 counting24 crazy face874 crazy smile45 crumbs235 dialogue59659 dirty1671 disgusted1087 english875 faic11470 female1228091 floppy ears46615 food62281 fork813 frown21550 gritted teeth10518 guard1109 happy28067 hoof hold7437 hopping282 humor906 hypocrisy203 implied derpy108 implied princess celestia581 implied trixie275 imprisoned85 indoors2006 inkscape1560 insanity2483 intentional grammar error10 intentional spelling error23 jail411 leaning3207 male331130 mare427514 messy2066 monologue201 nightstick60 offscreen character30231 open mouth125521 outdoors8067 parkour45 pillow15916 pinkamena diane pie18243 plate1531 police pony186 ponyscape377 ponyville5162 prison783 raised hoof39485 raised leg6823 reference3874 roof179 rooftop165 rorschach50 sad22772 singing5845 sitting55924 smile song237 smiling218478 solo983362 solo focus15344 song945 speech bubble20584 stallion94509 standing10511 text52068 toilet1500 toilet humor121 vector71381 walking4206 wall699 wall of tags2538 watchmen91 wide eyes16108


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