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UPDATE 17/08/2014 – Corrected most apparent mistakes, changed the size of the font, tweaked most panels in more or less visible ways, changed the black ’background’ into white.

Korean translation: ponyworld.egloos.com/400540

Oh man. I can’t believe I drew this… I hope I haven’t overdone it in the 7th panel
And yes, a toilet again. Because what is a prison without a dirty toilet.

Poor Pinkie. She’s gonna have hard time in that place. But ignorance is not an excuse, apparently.

Everything was drawn by me in Ponyscape (a derivative of Inkscape) and Inkscape.

MLP Pinkie Pie and Screw Loose belong to Hasbro.
The Policepony designed by me.
"Art" by me.
You can send it to any site/blog/booru etc, or translate into any language, but please remember to link back here (but you can’t post it on DeviantArt!)
I submitted this comic to a contest organized by Group-Of-Stalkers and I won this contest! pony-berserker.deviantart.com/…
The gallery with my comics: pony-berserker.deviantart.com/…
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