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safe1707145 screencap222272 applejack169974 cerberus (character)194 fluttershy212730 lord tirek5303 pinkie pie216272 rainbow dash234020 rarity181905 spike78803 twilight sparkle300408 alicorn224559 centaur3405 cerberus273 dog9511 manticore541 school raze2340 cage985 collar33154 dog collar239 josh haber136 mane six31912 multiple heads1658 spiked collar1059 tartarus448 three heads587 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123685


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Background Pony #2BD3
Did Nicole Dubuc leave the show between episodes? Is that why Josh Haber wrote part 2? Or am I overthinking it?
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Nice to see that Cerberus is making sure he keeps all six of his eyes on Lord Tirek this time so he can't escape again. That's a good guard dog.