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Background Pony #979C
Christ, the internet is getting obsessed with Jojo lately. What, is there a second coming of Jojo memes or is there a new season coming up?
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dsagent's avatar
Bronze Bit
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

The Good Hunter
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Background Pony #A887

I’m guessing they got away with it because the whole theme of the video was a parody of those 90’s pop stars whose music videos were nothing but enticing glamour shots of the singer. The same way they got away with the level of violence in the Tirek fight by citing a parody of DragonBall Z.

Even the song was very "90’s pop sensation".
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Background Pony #3FCE
>hand hikes up towards the groin
How the fuck did they get away with this one this is all so blatantly horny
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