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safe1973790 screencap263949 auburn vision317 berry blend549 berry bliss549 citrine spark474 cozy glow8787 dawnlighter91 fire quacker474 gallus8448 huckleberry428 loganberry129 ocellus6393 peppermint goldylinks544 rockhoof1277 sandbar6470 silverstream7318 smolder10316 somnambula2256 star swirl the bearded2223 strawberry scoop275 summer breeze277 summer meadow211 tune-up64 yona6119 changedling10440 changeling58508 classical hippogriff5994 dragon72332 earth pony362533 griffon32931 hippogriff12212 pegasus407784 pony1325975 unicorn447507 yak5865 school raze2516 background pony11381 bow38267 bust67255 chest fluff53455 claws6258 cloven hooves13164 colored hooves8940 curious563 dragoness12142 female1605576 filly85025 foal29883 freckles36566 friendship student1998 hair bow21559 jewelry91496 male460705 mare619517 monkey swings1615 necklace25931 offscreen character44050 paws6207 raised eyebrow7951 stallion150610 student six1990 tail66703 teenager5930 toes8049


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