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This Sentence is False
So what does the EEA rulebook say about chaining up students and locking them up against their will?
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Artist -

Just as I had suspected…

Sandbar pretends to defect and ally with Neighsay, then with him now having free passage around the school, he helps bust the rest of the Student Six out of where they were locked up, presumably while Cozy makes her move and subdues the Chancellor while he is powerless due to her tampering with the Tree of Harmony and Equestria's magic.
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Background Pony #FE1E
@Background Pony #8888
Since Neighsay is relying on Equestrian law to defy Celestia and her protegée…
Neighsay has no pendant in real life: secretary of a department of education using the law against his sovereign.

Anti-Nazi German judge who follows pre-Hitlerian legislation?
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Magic Man

Right, so if I’m reading the translation correctly, Chancellor Neighsay is accusing the Student 6 of SOMEHOW taking all the magic in Equestria without even the Flimsiest of evidence?

Okay okay, I understand dumb evil racists are dumb evil racists, but even then you’ve gotta have some logic. If he’s to be confronted about this in the next episode, you’ve gotta at least give him circumstantial evidence so he can attempt to back up his ludicrous actions otherwise he’s just going to look like a total strawma—oh wait!

I think this is my biggest problem with Neighsay Aside from the fact he’s a one-note racist antagonist. He gets away with a ridiculous amount of crap but has little of the tenacity or guile that makes villains like Chrysalis or Tirek endearing. That’s why I’m kinda glad he’s a red herring and that Cozy Glow is the true villain in this finale.
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Background Pony #FE1E
How is Sandbar evil for not betraying his homeland? At worst Neighsay is lawful neutral, but many see him as lawful good.
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Birb Pones ftw
@Dirty Bit
I feel like it'll be 2. They'll probably come up with a plan for him to join Neighsay like Fluttershy joined Starlight in the season 5 premiere and get on his good side so he can help get them free. Because there are several different screenshots that show him chained up with them at different times.
Dirty Bit
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That's him, officer

Only three ways to slice it, least probable to most (1 being the least):

1. Sandbar decidedly betrayed his friends
2. Sandbar pretends to join Neighsay and rule the school so that he can later help his friends
3. Neighsay — racist that he is — offers Sandbar a chance to join, since he's the token pony of the student six, only for 2 to happen