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Inb4 anyone asked why this was reuploaded…
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Sunset Shimmer

Kids show.
Stop taking it this seriously.
Even I don’t, and I take it pretty seriously sometimes.
And also as FIM is coming to a close, inconsistinces have become more and more often.
They aren’t really catering to the adults as much anymore, just the kids only as it comes to a close.
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Wallet After Summer Sale

@Background Pony #B57B
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Background Pony #B57B
I’m just waiting for the edit where Trixie or her end up naked and freak out. :P
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Background Pony #5776
Why is this reuploaded again? The previous one had pretty quality.

THanks godness it wasn’t Gia
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Background Pony #1A98
Fun fact: Trixie isn’t moving Sunset or herself. She’s actually turning the school 180 degrees each time.
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✨Draw more Fleetfoot✨
She teleported out of nowhere and produced a missing animal from her hat, all because someone just helping her had given her the power of friendship to help someone else.

It’s a cartoon show with demons and magical portals and huge magic beams; Trixie’s a wizard that can teleport if it’s to help other people / she’s happy. The end.
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