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safe (1238337)screencap (131157)cozy glow (1260)gallus (2485)ocellus (1814)pinkie pie (168669)rainbow dash (182020)sandbar (1989)silverstream (2220)smolder (2238)twilight sparkle (229546)yona (1697)school raze (1529)spoiler:s08e26 (888)alicorn (125999)bow (13280)changedling (3753)changeling (23509)classical hippogriff (2459)claws (2336)cute (112764)cutie mark (25195)dragon (25412)dragoness (2761)earth pony (101529)female (585699)filly (37945)gallabetes (88)griffon (17321)hair bow (6573)hippogriff (4254)jewelry (26140)male (197751)mare (244890)monkey swings (386)necklace (9025)pegasus (135996)pony (500083)raised eyebrow (3950)smiling (143154)smirk (6992)student six (709)teenager (1560)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (84994)wings (32739)yak (1622)

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