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Oh. Thank you for the clarification. I misunderstood you at first.

Don’t worry. My Skystar avatar will be back. This Nightmare Moon avatar is just a temporary thing for October to set the Halloween feel. I had a temporary April Fools avatar months for when the site was going through the Starlight takeover too. And I’m going to get another temporary avatar for December for Christmas as well. I’m still debating with myself for a Thanksgiving avatar for next month but I might not go with it.

The birbpone will return.
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(Previously known as G.S.)

Love each other.
You can ship Gallbar all you want but I really just want the Student 6 to act like a wholesome happy family and love each other deeply

after The Hearth’s Warming Club I was so touched by them staying with Gallus so he could have something resembling a family for the holidays

;-; omg
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