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Background-less version, working on a background version too.
safe (1462324)artist:cheezedoodle96 (746)bon bon (14874)bon bon (g1) (216)lyra heartstrings (26515)sweetie drops (14848)earth pony (159128)pony (727423)unicorn (217102)my little pony tales (755)35th anniversary (212)angry (20659)bedroom eyes (45721)bon bon is not amused (940)bonlyrabon (5)distracted boyfriend meme (101)female (789115)frown (20079)furrowed brow (32)g1 (13372)g1 to g4 (3577)generational ponidox (176)generation leap (5207)jealous (1032)jealous girlfriend meme (1)lesbian (84402)lidded eyes (20034)lip bite (9462)lyrabon (2878)mare (353277)meme (74479)raised hoof (33155)shipping (168908)simple background (300336)svg (2946).svg available (6892)transparent background (156333)unamused (11713)vector (67800)wrongbon (1)


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While the 35th anniversary of MLP had the few drawings of G4 ponies were put along side their G1 counterparts when those wonder if lyra heartstrings was like a kid in a candy store when bon-bon’s are two for one when the G1 bon-bon walked by when lyra heartstring was interested in the G1 bon-bon when the G4 version wasn’t amused.
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