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As a filly, Applejack stuck around with her siblings and grandmother to help run the farm after her parents died, especially once she realized it was her true calling. Throughout the years, she grew to be strong and mature but never thought she would become a hero of Equestria once she found out she was the Element of Honesty and met Twilight Sparkle. While she is no longer connected to the powerful artifacts, she is still regarded in the same manner and now runs Sweet Apple Acres with the help of her husband and kids and is an honored teaching alumnus of Twilight's School of Friendship. Her older brother, Big Macintosh, helps on the farm as well while her little sister, Applebloom works as an assistant to Big Mac's wife, Sugar Belle, who runs her own bakery in Ponyville. With her Granny Smith recently having passed away, Applejack takes on a managerial position at the farm and works real hard, producing the finest apples and apple pies in Ponyville.

Applejack takes on somewhat of a big sister role for Flurry Heart. While she admires Flurry's studious nature, she continuously stresses to the young princess how important friendship and family is.

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