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Sometimes it’s nice just to be able to enjoy the simple feeling of a full throat. Even with her rump going down first, Fluttershy isn’t even going to require a swallow at this point; just a long, oozing slide down…
suggestive172905 artist:theandymac566 fluttershy238208 queen chrysalis39070 changeling58441 changeling queen21134 pegasus406762 pony1323695 changelings eating ponies136 chrysalispred504 cross-eyed1024 drool30295 female1603519 fetish49229 flutterprey697 inktober1969 inktober 2018269 mawshot2384 monochrome163681 open mouth197848 scared12627 throat bulge4107 tight bulge307 tongue out128620 traditional art131219 vore16741


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In Treue fest
Poor Fluttershy looks so terrified! Not really sure why, though.  
She’s being given a real gift, to become a part of such a fine creature! Chrysalis was even kind enough to give Fluttershy one final glimpse of the light before she slides down the royal gullet, disappearing into her stomach forever!
This is just great! Such a lovely tight throat bulge!