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Daapi Halloween Weight Gain Drive Page 3

Muffins? On Nightmare Night? I’m sure Derpy wouldn’t mind one…or all of them.

If you wanna keep contributing to her weight gain you can head over to my kofi and give her some more sweets and pounds.

If you havn’t seen the first post you can click here and it will explain everything.

More thanks to the people who have already sent any mons over.

I said donations toward her weight would end today but the page got finished later then I was expecting so I’ll let the donations count til monday night, but then I’ll be planning out the last two parts. So if you wanna give her one last big boost be my guest lol.
suggestive142895 artist:graphenescloset677 derpy hooves50150 pegasus291453 pony966812 series:daapi halloween weight gain drive6 absurd resolution66263 aderpose220 belly28464 candy6927 clothes459312 comic109099 costume27427 fat22114 female1362285 food70062 impossibly large belly10441 incentive drive221 large butt16732 mare480128 morbidly obese7858 muffin6427 nightmare night costume1572 obese11557 smiling248195 socks66273 solo1063646 stomach noise3173 striped socks21374 weight gain4269 wide hips17183


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