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To celebrate the 35th anniversary I thought I’d challenge myself and draw a pony from each generation in their own styles all gathering together. I chose…

Twilight Sparkle for G4, obviously in the style of Friendship is Magic.
Sunny Daze from G3, using the style of the later TV specials that used shading.
Ivy from G2. Since G2 had no show to go with it, I based her design on her appearance in the My Little Pony: Friendship Gardens video game.
And finally, Melody from G1 using the My Little Pony Tales style.


safe (1237328)artist:lightning stripe (23)derpibooru exclusive (14754)ivy (104)melody (138)sunny daze (242)sunny daze (g3) (84)twilight sparkle (229394)my little pony tales (694)35th anniversary (212)alicorn (125834)blue (789)blue mane (292)cutie mark (25107)earth pony (101333)g1 (12371)g2 (715)g3 (5788)g4 (840)green coat (48)group (1846)open mouth (80385)orange (625)pink (653)pink coat (43)pink mane (402)pony (499419)purple (605)purple coat (17)purple eyes (986)rainbow background (79)show accurate (5980)smiling (142964)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (84926)white (289)white coat (106)yellow (206)

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