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safe (1428025)artist:kittyrosie (114)applejack (147683)fluttershy (184023)pinkie pie (188918)rainbow dash (203754)rarity (157510)twilight sparkle (260231)alicorn (163283)bat pony (35777)earth pony (147933)pegasus (187737)pony (697189)unicorn (202892)animal costume (1551)applelion (257)candy (4999)cat costume (150)clothes (355330)collar (24551)colored pupils (7515)costume (21654)cupcake (4376)cute (148310)dashabetes (6649)female (759129)flutterbat (6050)food (51035)goggles (11716)halloween (5691)head tilt (846)heart eyes (11629)holiday (10888)jackabetes (4247)lollipop (1956)looking at you (120330)mane six (26426)mare (334694)mouth hold (13298)open mouth (104057)outline (758)paws (3561)pinkamena diane pie (17220)pumpkin (2911)pumpkin bucket (377)race swap (10850)shadowbolt dash (370)shadowbolts (1318)shadowbolts costume (985)shyabates (216)shyabetes (9400)simple background (290481)sitting (46047)smiling (182975)socks (49089)striped socks (16606)twiabetes (8055)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101926)underpaw (987)wingding eyes (15951)


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