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Perv Spike, because why not.

tbh I don’t actually know what rating silhouetted ponut should get ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
suggestive (113281)artist:dragonpone (323)derpibooru exclusive (20340)rarity (157847)spike (68664)dragon (37889)pony (699736)unicorn (204099)non-compete clause (632)anus (77967)blushing (154102)claws (3864)female (761746)freckles (20564)heart eyes (11665)horns (3573)lineless (3116)looking at you (120747)male (258566)mare (336279)music notes (2526)one sided shipping (159)plot (65018)silhouette (2069)simple background (291345)simplistic anus (375)solo (877302)transparent background (152091)voyeur (394)voyeurism (1904)wide eyes (14333)wingding eyes (16004)

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