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hnng I couldn’t resist. The Apple fam would have a lot of kids tbh

Most of the Apple kids are from Big Mac and Applejack, Applebloom would only have one kid

So, here’s a couple more!

First is Maverick, second child of Big Mac and Cheerilee, occupation pirate. He’s the first kid on the farm to leave, but his parents are proud of him.

Second is Honey Blossom, possible child of Aj and Rara or another Big Mac kid, I'm not sure yet! But she deals with bees. Has her grandmother Pear Butter's personality. older than Golden Grace on the Apple Kid scale.
safe1556215 artist:consistingg15 oc594169 oc:honey blossom59 oc:maverick17 earth pony190750 pony827396 cousins590 duo47975 female880480 magical lesbian spawn10418 male299310 mare404650 offspring33635 parent:applejack3183 parent:big macintosh2604 parent:cheerilee363 parent:rarity3466 parents:cheerimac263 parents:rarijack337 simple background338118 stallion90445 unshorn fetlocks21689 watermark14177 white background84911


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