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safe (1409956)screencap (169881)juniper montage (1019)pinkie pie (186941)equestria girls (156919)mirror magic (2155)spoiler:eqg specials (4566)apron (3175)baubles (43)belt (3514)bracelet (6502)cardigan (71)cash register (164)cinema (323)clothes (349391)female (743424)food (49738)geode of sugar bombs (1243)glasses (46126)hair tie (537)hat (63036)jewelry (37605)mirror (4011)open mouth (101946)pigtails (3138)poofy shoulders (70)popcorn (1256)shirt (16769)skirt (31030)standing (8038)twintails (1067)uniform (7465)vest (2754)

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Pinkie Pie : I’m going to make Sunset’s final hours the best she’s ever had! And this time, there’s gonna be love! So much, she’s gonna DROWN IN IT!
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