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safe1588473 screencap206613 juniper montage1175 pinkie pie204592 equestria girls183210 mirror magic2376 spoiler:eqg specials4987 apron3860 baubles50 belt4806 bracelet8132 cardigan90 cash register204 cinema369 clothes415535 female1228772 food62339 geode of sugar bombs1607 glasses55347 hair tie696 hat77391 jewelry53229 mirror4786 open mouth125683 pigtails4045 poofy shoulders75 popcorn1426 shirt21741 skirt36239 standing10524 twintails1527 uniform9492 vest3524


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Sci-Twi Lover
Pinkie Pie : I'm going to make Sunset's final hours the best she's ever had! And this time, there's gonna be love! So much, she's gonna DROWN IN IT!