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@Background Pony #B2D6
No but I did read the story about the guy who called somebody at his work a soyboy but because nobody knew what a soyboy was they asked him and the story ended with his nickname being soyboy haha what kind of loser makes meme references irl?
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@Background Pony #E72F
Did you read the greentext about the guy who used "NPC" joke IRL at his work but nobody knew video game lingo because they were adults who didnt wasted their time with memes and the guy was nicknamed "the NPC guy" by his colleagues from this day ? Good thing you're not a manchild making wicked Shrek jokes (which was a cool movie from the 2000) IRL
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@Background Pony #A169
4Chan told me that i shouldnt trust TV so i stopped trusting TV and switched to Internet instead.Luckily,4Chan had already a reccomandation list of people i should listen to from now on instead to break the conditioning like in the Matrix (which is a good movie from 2000),now i have the whole spectrum of politic to choose to listen to ,ranging from from traditonal United States conservatism to North American cultural-nationalism (also some tried and true pre 1946 European ideologies because we shouldnt be too Americanocentred).I feel so free at the wide array of YouTube recomandation i can choose from,it's a good thing i'm in agreement with the algorhithm,my computer know how ahead of the curve i am like the Joker from Batman Dark Knight which is a good movie from 2008.4Chan also told me to save the children prisonner of the pizzeria sex dungeons like Michael Jackson saved those children in Moonwalker from Genesis which is a cool video game from the 1990s.Life should be more like a video game so i can be the hero that rise above the NPC and rake an high score in life
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@Lord Seraph

Life is a video game and you are the hero.With your red cap (just like Mario) and red pills as your bonus,you're going to deliver the princess hidden in the looming pizzeria turned sex dungeon Comet Ping Pong and get the girl in the endYour intel can be wrong,they come from the last uncorrupted and uncorruptible medium that can be edited by anyone:Internet.Find all the clues like in a point and click game to unmask the reptilian, ignore the NPC or run them over GTA style.Collect enough rare pepe for an extra life in detriment of your previous one.Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed.Then face the Beirut Butcher himself in the New York subway secret boss arena for a final confrontation like you were on the classic National Alliance video game Ethnic Cleansing.You are unique and special,you're way past cool,you are the hero of this video game called life,how dare anyone cross your path,you're part of a breed that will sit for hours, days, even weeks on end performing some of the hardest, most mentally demanding tasks over, and over, and over all for nothing more than a little digital token to show everyone online that you did
Godspeed,video game heroes.May your digital ,fictional life be satisifying and fulfilling.Be an hero ASAP
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Loading outrage . . .
Starting sequence: NPC meme is dehumanizing! We are all special and unique!.
Exiting outrage.exe

Sending outrage.exe to next NPC, please wait.
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Ollo crew rejoice!

Pretty much this.

Before the meme blew up I was like "Fuck this is stupid, even my 4chan standards!"

After Kotaku opened their stupid mouths and popularised it I'm like "Guess I know what I'm using once 'soy and avocados' overstays its welcome…"
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The meme itself is qualitatively bad. Genuinely bad.
However, people react so strongly to it.