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Here is Flareverse Guide Hope you enjoy
Twilight x Flash Sentry = Married and has one ChildRainbow dash x Soarin = Married and has two children
Fluttershy x Bulk biceps = Married has two children
Applejack x Troubleshoes = Married and has one childRarity x Trenderhoof = Married and has two childrenPinkie Pie x King Sombra = Married and has two children
Doctor whooves x Derpy = Married and has two children

Sweetie belle x Pipsqueak = Married and has one child
Scootaloo x Rumble = Married and has two children
Applebloom x Terramar = Married and has two children

handmade base by Saphi-Boo Original base by Nazo-no-Akuma
safe1588623 artist:xxwerecatdipperxx29 apple bloom46907 applejack160119 bulk biceps3239 derpy hooves48451 doctor whooves10128 flash sentry12167 fluttershy199549 king sombra12777 pinkie pie204724 pipsqueak2719 rainbow dash220872 rarity170962 rumble3805 scootaloo49360 soarin'13382 sweetie belle46890 terramar676 time turner10112 trenderhoof829 trouble shoes1060 twilight sparkle284703 alicorn198002 earth pony203708 hippogriff8414 pegasus244628 pony855845 unicorn271174 bow24649 bust41698 cowboy hat13431 doctorderpy1418 female929536 flashlight2560 flutterbulk212 glasses55493 hair bow13519 hat77491 heart43638 horn44904 lineless3505 male309668 mane six29667 mare420931 older23491 portrait28820 profile5502 rumbloo465 shipping185589 shipping chart137 simple background349582 soarindash4589 sombrapie71 stallion94239 straight122780 sweetiesqueak71 terrabloom5 trenderity63 troublejack62 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116191 white background88407 wings78860


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