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Here is Flareverse Guide Hope you enjoy
Twilight x Flash Sentry = Married and has one ChildRainbow dash x Soarin = Married and has two children
Fluttershy x Bulk biceps = Married has two children
Applejack x Troubleshoes = Married and has one childRarity x Trenderhoof = Married and has two childrenPinkie Pie x King Sombra = Married and has two children
Doctor whooves x Derpy = Married and has two children

Sweetie belle x Pipsqueak = Married and has one child
Scootaloo x Rumble = Married and has two children
Applebloom x Terramar = Married and has two children

handmade base by Saphi-Boo Original base by Nazo-no-Akuma
safe (1397101)artist:xxwerecatdipperxx (22)apple bloom (42273)applejack (144240)bulk biceps (2972)derpy hooves (45365)doctor whooves (9329)flash sentry (10575)fluttershy (179780)king sombra (11521)pinkie pie (185260)pipsqueak (2515)rainbow dash (199666)rarity (153710)rumble (3332)scootaloo (45581)soarin' (12329)sweetie belle (42775)terramar (463)time turner (9316)trenderhoof (766)trouble shoes (839)twilight sparkle (254285)alicorn (156921)bow (18409)bust (29984)cowboy hat (9929)doctorderpy (1346)earth pony (139392)female (728219)flashlight (2328)flutterbulk (201)glasses (45498)hair bow (9736)hat (61638)heart (36902)hippogriff (6280)horn (22925)lineless (2828)male (247917)mare (319517)older (16964)pegasus (178867)pony (666254)portrait (24052)profile (3956)rumbloo (440)shipping (159629)simple background (282634)soarindash (4279)sombrapie (66)stallion (69370)straight (106796)sweetiesqueak (70)terrabloom (4)trenderity (55)troublejack (58)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (98764)unicorn (191760)white background (69756)wings (49746)


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