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safe1728000 artist:velveagicsentryyt452 applejack171576 caramel2529 cheese sandwich4022 discord31390 flash sentry13015 fluttershy214985 pinkie pie218261 rainbow dash236286 rarity183693 soarin'14107 spike79547 twilight sparkle303239 alicorn228674 draconequus12253 dragon57551 earth pony256968 pegasus300381 pony988227 carajack428 cheesepie1384 discoshy2936 female1382245 flashlight2790 hug28725 male380540 mane seven6594 mane six32247 mare491471 picnic1366 prone25942 shipping202996 soarindash4855 sparity6747 straight138443 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124960 winged spike8474 wings111560


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Background Pony #454B
Deletion reason: Rule #6 - You need to start filtering ships that trigger you, or we're going to send you to the moon.
Background Pony #CD59
@Background Pony #E1EB
Agree to disagree. SoarinDash does too but the hints are more subtle. Meanwhile we haven't seen any CheesePie since season 4 so I wouldn't call that "build up" just a one time thing.
Background Pony #9A1C
Only Fluttercord and CheesePie have any build up. Sparity would too if it wasn't so one sided and with age difference.
Background Pony #CD59
Ship half of these. C: SoarinDash, CheesePie, and Fluttercord fiveever! <3