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suggestive (113261)artist:ritter (91)coco pommel (5080)rarity (157833)earth pony (148737)pony (699560)unicorn (204022)blushing (154060)chest fluff (25822)cocobetes (475)cute (148915)drool (20146)drool string (4526)ear fluff (17872)eye clipping through hair (2420)female (761520)females only (9241)hug (22667)implied kissing (108)kissing (20123)lesbian (82008)looking at each other (12613)mare (336144)marshmallow coco (239)open mouth (104431)raribetes (3769)shipping (164718)sloppy kissing (1434)tongue out (75914)

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Yet One More Idiot

World's biggest idiot xD
I entirely support this ship!

(I don’t know why Marshmallow Coco never occurred to me before! xD Well I do, because I already shipped Sparity…maybe a threeway? :D)
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