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Schorl and Scylla are dressing up as Panty and Stocking for Halloween, hoping to entice all who see them. They are also seeing who prefers which costume more, with a bet on the line. Whoever's costume is more liked gets to do whatever they want to the other for a full night. So which do you like better? Trick or Treat?
suggestive (119058) artist:scylla the kelpie (31) oc (558538) oc:schorl tourmaline (23) oc:scylla (82) anthro (211456) crystal pony (3868) kelpie (569) unicorn (228330) clothes (377276) cosplay (25953) costume (23346) crystal unicorn (145) dress (36720) female (813858) halo (1305) high heels (8543) panty and stocking with garterbelt (452) pole dancing (1152) shoes (26219) socks (52283) stockings (26659) striped socks (17748) stripper pole (1453) thigh highs (25407)


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