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safe1587809 artist:caibaoreturn117 applejack160000 fluttershy199886 pinkie pie204527 rainbow dash221075 rarity171213 sci-twi21839 starlight glimmer44628 sunset shimmer57584 trixie62918 twilight sparkle283996 equestria girls183116 adorkable3229 anime4815 barrette385 beanie3289 blushing178119 book30805 bracelet8127 cardigan90 china ponycon270 clothes415294 cowboy hat13565 crossed arms4353 crystal prep academy uniform3225 cute181477 cutie mark background1456 cutie mark on clothes1060 dashabetes8199 diapinkes8884 diatrixes2880 dork3481 dress40200 female1228230 freckles25413 glasses55308 glasses rarity115 glimmerbetes3494 hairclip960 hairpin1398 hat77340 hoodie12461 humane five2873 humane nine34 humane seven2163 humane six2750 jackabetes5243 jacket11035 jewelry53163 looking at you148008 magical quartet139 magical quintet112 mane six29794 meganekko119 necktie6323 nonet13 open mouth125546 peace sign2486 ponytail15984 pose4984 raribetes4726 rarity's glasses541 school uniform6736 selfie2847 shimmerbetes3977 shirt21731 shyabetes11980 smiling218513 specs appeal1 stetson4830 sunglasses13181 sweatband497 tanktop6930 twiabetes10483 uniform9484 vest3515 wristband3208


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21 comments posted
Background Pony #87D4
Rainbow Dash doesn't want to look like an egghead in her thoughts, so swag mode turned on instead.
Applejack: What a black sheep.
Rainbow Dash: Shut up, now an egghead.
(Everyone then chases Rainbow Dash)
Posted Report
Background Pony #0B69
>back of the room
>runs at sonic rain boom speed out of there