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Mane 9 with glasses by Caibaoreturn, Shanghai Bronycon 2018.

safe (1446453)artist:caibaoreturn (116)applejack (149573)fluttershy (186153)pinkie pie (190953)rainbow dash (205981)rarity (159431)sci-twi (19194)starlight glimmer (38879)sunset shimmer (51414)trixie (56858)twilight sparkle (263673)equestria girls (162283)adorkable (2519)anime (3728)barrette (300)beanie (2788)blushing (156447)book (27481)bracelet (6814)cardigan (73)china ponycon (259)clothes (362084)cowboy hat (10880)crossed arms (3531)crystal prep academy uniform (2863)cute (151785)cutie mark background (1164)cutie mark on clothes (640)dashabetes (6835)diapinkes (7260)diatrixes (2397)dork (2714)dress (35644)female (775911)freckles (21036)glasses (47755)glasses rarity (97)glimmerbetes (2969)hairclip (696)hairpin (1126)hat (66178)hoodie (10484)humane five (2206)humane nine (29)humane seven (1726)humane six (2112)jackabetes (4390)jacket (9040)jewelry (40277)looking at you (123358)magical quartet (116)magical quintet (110)mane six (26929)meganekko (53)necktie (5349)nonet (15)open mouth (106183)peace sign (1970)ponytail (13467)pose (4098)raribetes (3890)rarity's glasses (104)school uniform (6041)selfie (2497)shimmerbetes (3500)shirt (17565)shyabetes (9701)smiling (186498)specs appeal (1)stetson (4498)sunglasses (11653)sweatband (420)tanktop (5955)twiabetes (8336)uniform (7836)vest (2864)wristband (2497)


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Background Pony #6F30
Rainbow Dash doesn’t want to look like an egghead in her thoughts, so swag mode turned on instead.
Applejack: What a black sheep.
Rainbow Dash: Shut up, now an egghead.
(Everyone then chases Rainbow Dash)
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Comments21 comments posted