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safe1971877 artist:lrusu814 apple bloom56384 applejack187815 big macintosh31310 derpy hooves54014 fluttershy238209 pinkie pie238615 princess celestia105100 princess luna109267 rainbow dash259364 rarity203155 scootaloo55495 shining armor25876 spike87297 sweetie belle53457 trixie74683 twilight sparkle332956 zecora10443 oc836754 oc:applesnack37 oc:calamity793 oc:colonel autumn leaf15 oc:gawdyna grimfeathers39 oc:homage461 oc:kage grimfeathers7 oc:life bloom21 oc:littlepip4732 oc:pride (foe)2 oc:red eye170 oc:regina grimfeathers18 oc:silver bell76 oc:steelhooves273 oc:velvet remedy1238 oc:windsheer4 oc:xenith169 alicorn274489 cyborg4597 dragon72205 earth pony361583 ghoul564 griffon32875 hellhound234 pegasus406795 pony1323765 unicorn446539 zebra20956 fallout equestria20596 angry32642 armor27650 artificial alicorn434 blue alicorn (fo:e)81 canterlot6477 canterlot castle2632 clothes559340 cowboy hat21933 cutie mark crusaders20908 cyber eyes70 dashite512 ear fluff41658 enclave armor235 eyes closed120777 fanfic10991 fanfic art16869 female1603587 floppy ears64526 force field712 glasses77424 grand pegasus enclave325 green alicorn (fo:e)160 gun18610 hat108960 hooves22746 horn117313 jumpsuit4855 male459914 mare618500 medkit97 microphone6420 ministry mares337 open mouth197871 pink cloud (fo:e)134 pipbuck4022 pipleg66 power armor1324 purple alicorn (fo:e)132 radaway16 sad28466 scar14476 smiling331325 stallion150160 steel ranger362 teeth15383 the goddess23 unicorn twilight26259 vault suit4088 wall of tags5416 weapon36635 wings175143


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Whatever your ponies are doing or thinking, draw them all with dramatic sad eyes. Because they make everypony better. Always.
Background Pony #DFBC
Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria…  
War, war never changes.