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My first ever art posted on this website. Yippee…

Yeah, I wanted to celebrate the 8th anniversary by making a little something "unique". Around the number eight are all important things from the season premieres/finales of every season from 1 to 8. I know that there are things and characters that I missed but this was the best that I can cram up with on this tiny page. :V

So yeah, like I said, this is my first ever drawing here, and I'm not a professional artist at all so criticisms are welcome if you want to do that, I'll listen. Sorry that there's no color, I really wanted to color it but I was afraid how it would've turned out so I left it colorless.

Enjoy, I guess… .—.
safe1726070 artist:myoozik52 derpibooru exclusive28755 apple bloom50192 applejack171459 cozy glow7523 derpy hooves50452 fluttershy214772 pinkie pie218098 pony of shadows491 princess celestia95765 princess flurry heart7368 princess luna99846 rainbow dash236098 rarity183546 scootaloo51575 spike79457 starlight glimmer49179 stygian791 sunset shimmer63823 sweetie belle49375 thorax4379 trixie68067 twilight sparkle302987 alicorn228286 changedling8551 changeling48622 a canterlot wedding2889 celestial advice1161 friendship is magic2938 magical mystery cure2394 princess twilight sparkle (episode)2692 school daze2797 school raze2355 shadow play1313 the best night ever1400 the crystal empire2854 the crystalling2185 the cutie map4156 the cutie re-mark3217 the return of harmony1735 to where and back again2739 twilight's kingdom3158 big crown thingy2387 black vine605 checkerboard30 chocolate3394 chocolate milk725 chocolate rain381 cloud31301 collage1403 cotton candy660 cotton candy cloud278 cutie mark48428 cutie mark crusaders19163 dark crystal220 eea seal20 equality mark34 equestrian pink heart of courage154 food71434 golden ticket26 grand galloping gala529 happy birthday1262 happy birthday mlp:fim1303 heart49137 jewelry65609 king thorax2923 mane six32225 mare in the moon1747 milk4641 mlp fim's eighth anniversary82 moon23732 muffin6479 no color59 rain6160 regalia20557 scroll3433 tickets87 traditional art118863 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124847 twilight's castle3991 wall of tags3405


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Don't Shed A Tear
@Background Pony #9848
You're welcome…?

I personally love the episode so I don't see where you're coming from with that argument. Lastly, you can add the episode to your filters so you won't have to see anything about it anymore and not make a fool out of yourself.
Background Pony #75FB
@Starry Mind

Writers treated the Mane 6 like Garbage with no value, For no apparent reasons. And that writing choice caused a COLOSSAL mess in the entire fandom, a mess that For me is becoming more and more unstandeable…
Starry Mind
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Take pride. 🌈
@Background Pony #9848
I don't remember the episode, but I do not think that I have watched it. What did you not like about it? (If you will get stressed by talking about it, pretend like I did not ask.)

By the way, if you add "to where and back again" in the Hidden Tags section of your filtering page, you should never see things directly about the episode again.
Background Pony #75FB
Thank you very much For yet another reminder of To Where and Back Again, it's Always good For me to remember the episode that almost killed My hype For the show (not really)…. I really should start taking My distance from this fandom…