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safe1615222 artist:koveliana575 twilight sparkle288260 alicorn205978 pony882900 book31505 broom1642 chest fluff34318 choker10289 clothes425809 costume25917 cute186197 cute little fangs1869 ear fluff25313 element of magic2047 fangs22813 female1285819 frog (hoof)11044 halloween8016 halloween costume1648 hat79489 holiday17027 horn51990 jack-o-lantern2258 jewelry55252 looking at you152537 mare439318 open mouth129812 pendant1692 pumpkin4093 raised hoof40708 simple background361024 smiling224433 solo1003392 sparkles4004 spellbook280 transparent background187044 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118359 underhoof48089 wings87644 witch2300 witch hat2840


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