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safe1587338 artist:koveliana574 twilight sparkle284471 alicorn197720 pony854923 book30726 broom1633 chest fluff32850 choker9457 clothes413746 costume25009 cute180480 cute little fangs1742 ear fluff23806 element of magic1927 fangs22363 female915985 frog (hoof)10228 halloween6832 halloween costume1256 hat77405 holiday15842 horn44749 jack-o-lantern2016 jewelry51972 looking at you146075 mare420442 open mouth124714 pendant1657 pumpkin3470 raised hoof39841 simple background349071 smiling218057 solo980822 sparkles3853 spellbook258 transparent background180771 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116077 underhoof47274 wings78614 witch2082 witch hat2478


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