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safe1676756 artist:koveliana582 twilight sparkle296725 alicorn218759 pony939473 book32846 broom1689 chest fluff37549 choker11480 clothes448987 costume26957 cute195390 cute little fangs1981 ear fluff28210 element of magic2200 fangs24483 female1336677 frog (hoof)12220 halloween8173 halloween costume1705 hat84423 holiday19927 horn62110 jack-o-lantern2312 jewelry60747 looking at you163208 mare466642 open mouth140170 pendant1734 pumpkin4205 raised hoof44229 simple background383712 smiling240472 solo1044029 sparkles4297 spellbook299 transparent background198163 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122137 underhoof50664 wings101104 witch2349 witch hat2962


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