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safe1770503 artist:koveliana596 twilight sparkle308503 alicorn236271 pony1030554 book34985 broom1895 chest fluff42227 choker13343 clothes482935 costume29323 cute208142 cute little fangs2237 ear fluff32319 element of magic2424 fangs27291 female1419185 frog (hoof)14213 halloween8982 halloween costume1968 hat92105 holiday21162 horn80909 jack-o-lantern2519 jewelry70512 looking at you178690 mare511379 open mouth158323 pendant1907 pumpkin4647 raised hoof49387 simple background415902 smiling267022 solo1109081 sparkles4903 spellbook321 transparent background211794 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127182 underhoof54536 wings127010 witch2566 witch hat3423


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