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suggestive132536 artist:mkogwheel866 part of a set10107 applejack162511 discord29468 fluttershy202903 gallus6173 pinkie pie207370 rainbow dash223961 rarity173679 sandbar5033 spike75719 starlight glimmer45590 sunset shimmer58865 tempest shadow16156 twilight sparkle288163 yona4722 alicorn205852 draconequus9855 dragon50849 earth pony215603 pegasus256946 pony882295 unicorn284841 fanfic:past sins360 equestria girls187401 my little pony: the movie18273 season 1531 season 2300 season 3433 season 42044 season 5589 season 6283 season 7334 season 8813 12/16/1740 anniversary432 applejack (g5)248 boop6961 booty call136 broken horn13187 crying41004 cum74236 cum jar72 dab385 derail7 discovery family logo11536 element of loyalty943 emoji864 end of evangelion61 eye scar4610 g51134 g5 applejack drama27 glimmerposting278 glowing cutie mark312 graffiti1014 happy birthday mlp:fim1302 hasbro logo247 horn51878 hub logo9623 jar959 jojo's bizarre adventure2624 lewd container meme109 mane seven6150 mane six30363 mcogwheel's ride4 meme79577 mlp fim's eighth anniversary82 my little pony logo3487 part of a series2320 party cannon1699 pony cum jar project37 rainbow power2726 red eyes5487 roller coaster251 scar10846 self-boop395 soon563 spike is not amused153 the hub2539 the ride never ends288 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118322 unamused14610 winged spike7832


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Background Pony #5B08
ha,ha,ha,! spike trying not to fall off the train wagon. what's up with starlight's smile?. fluttershy hooves crossed, rarity holding sign help!, applejack crying. pinkie holding a bag of snacks, rainbow holding the element of loyalty. twilight uses magic to hold something?. tempest shadow sitting there doing nothing. discord smirking. wait is that sunset shimmer wagon trying to catch up to mane 6, starlight, tempest, spike. i hope she doesn't fall off like spike is?. what is that in the lake background? is that a pony mouth open?. hmmm. hey is that lustard dawn?. rollercoster lava like in the indiana jones & the temple of doom death scene movie. col.
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Sunset is Best Girl

If you look at the first part of my comment I put the full acronym there for the 4th Generation I just didn’t do the same at the end of my comment.

Also while in terms of just casual discussion we lump together MLP:FiM & EQG as one Hasbro IP, in a corporate sense and looking at the last year of content it would appear that Hasbro is treating MLP & EQG as two separate IP’s.

I mean on paper and in official documentation they’re not but it does seem like that’s how they’re approaching it.

Sunset is Best Girl
@Background Pony #8E60

The series finale for MLP:FiM has been announced. Season 9 has a date.

Equestria Girls is in it’s 2nd Season and there is, on the books, another movie long special in production.

Even if you ignore production announcements and investment reports, MLP has had it’s ending announced EQG has not.
Background Pony #5862
It will be interesting to see what the next version of this image will look like in another seven months…
Background Pony #5862

It's crazy how in less then three weeks we can say "FiM ends this year". This will be the last New Year's where we will have new FiM content to look forward to.
Wallet After Summer Sale -
Artist -

Warning: Nuts Inside
Just one more year and the ride will be over for everyone who doesn't stick with EG or hop on the G5 ride.

Sunset is Best Girl
@Ball Joy

It's kind of commonly excepted that a Equestria Girls will last for a few years after Friendship is Magic ends. And the IDW comics will still be around years after Equestria Girls ends.
Background Pony #3024
"Pony cum jar project"

The depths of this fandom never cease to amaze me.