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suggestive (105749)alternate version (19408)artist:0ryomamikado0 (465)queen chrysalis (27365)spike (62786)comic:highschool dragon (11)big breasts (51307)blank eyes (195)blood (18552)boob smothering (424)boob squish (722)bra (11410)breasts (184046)busty queen chrysalis (2420)candy (4650)chryspike (38)cleavage (25236)clothes (328439)dark skin (3148)female (682813)food (45559)huge breasts (23155)human (122605)humanized (85734)lollipop (1827)male (231147)nosebleed (1832)open clothes (1856)open shirt (751)shipping (151430)simple background (268757)smiling (167637)smothering (385)straight (102298)tattoo (3372)tongue out (69635)underwear (46451)white background (65973)


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8 comments posted
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In Treue fest

Oh my, yes! This is perfect! Such a glorious Chrysalis!
Spike is so lucky! I’m sure he’ll find his time with the queen to be a most illuminating experience.

I can never resist a good Chrysalis humanisation and this is one of the best I’ve seen!
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