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A prototype character sheet of Sunset Shimmer, that is, the Human counterpart to the Equestrian Pony Sunset Shimmer, or Human Shimmer for distinction. This is a prototype design for Human Shimmer from a fan-fiction of mine. She is a member of a secretive global organization known as the Technological Consortium, or just "The Consortium" or TEC for short, which holds science and technology in the highest regard and has secretly safeguarded Humanity from the supernatural and other threats for centuries.

Sunset Shimmer’s job is observation, and she has been assigned to monitor Canterlot High, her Equestrian counterpart and her friends.

Human Shimmer is almost humourless, she is dead serious all the time and is dedicated to her job and safeguarding the masses. She often comes off as ruthless, malicious and vengeful, particularly towards those who upset the order that the Technological Consortium has established, especially the chaotic and untrustworthy supernatural beings that threaten her world.

She also has a very high IQ, and the Consortium respects intelligence. It is this intelligence that has placed Human Shimmer at a higher than average position for someone her age, and Shimmer is proud of her strong mind. She gets along extremely well with fellow intellectuals as long as they are not beholden to arrogance and a high and mighty attitude about their intellect.

Human Shimmer’s preferred style of dress when off-duty. Cool but with a touch of sophistication.

The standard uniform of Consortium members when stationed within one of their bases.

Operatives typically wear something like this when on a mission that does not involve being in disguise or hiding in plain sight. The insignia on the right arm signifies the operatives speciality and role, in Human Shimmer’s case, she is adept with electronic devices, particularly ones for reconnaissance and information gathering.

I tend to plan my fan-fictions like a television series, averaging at 6 seasons so I can plan various events and development throughout. I would plan to have Human Shimmer be the primary antagonist of season 1, with the Dazzlings as secondary antagonists. The Humane 7 initially assume Human Shimmer is evil, but when finally confronted for a finale, they learn she and the organization she belongs to are genuinely concerned about the safety of the Human race and are not even malevolent towards magic, the supernatural and so forth, they just want to regulate it and protect people from danger, they are antagonists, not true villains.

The Technological Consortium has been watching the Humane 7 and their antics for a while, and have been assisting them from behind the scenes in hopes that the Equestrian portal problem will resolve itself while taking steps to perform damage control or commit resources to backup plans should the Humane 7 fail. For example, they were prepared to step in during the Sunset Satan and Midnight Sparkle incidents before those things resolved themselves. Sometimes their assistance was necessary, such as during the Sirens incident, where they sent another of their young operatives, Vinyl Scratch, to free the Rainbooms and provide them with aid against The Dazzlings. What, you think Vinyl Scratch just so happened to show up with a giant transforming speaker-equipped car…?

The Consortium is responsible for the seeming absence of magic and other supernatural elements in the Human world, but that is not to say that they aren’t there, it is simply in hiding, under quarantine and sometimes what could be described as house arrest. Most magic users practice their art in secret, some do so under scrutiny and regulation by the Consortium, and some even work for the Consortium as experts on magic.

I’ll leave things here for now, but more on the Technological Consortium and the other characters for my Equestria Girls setting later.

Drawn by Invisibleinkdoodles, commissioned by me.

Would appreciate comments and feedback, and a golden doubloon to the one who guesses the role-playing game reference.


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I dunno, force entire peoples into quarantine because “MAGIC!” seems pretty villainy to me. Sounds like they should be ousted. Unless most Human Magic is SCP type stuff.
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