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Breaking News: Local Panda Bred by Accident

Commission for NoWayOut of his coot OC Panda Shade, and Icy Energy in the background.

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explicit337924 artist:loneless-art156 oc653052 oc only431909 oc:ice energy76 oc:panda shade168 earth pony230055 pony919539 accidental impregnation8 ahegao23606 an egg being attacked by sperm1848 artificial insemination102 clothes441206 cum76468 cumtube328 dildo13544 dildo sitting1456 egg cell1765 female1318564 femboy8788 femboy on mare195 hoodie13272 implied futa738 impregnation2810 insertion17033 male356097 mistakes were made87 oops475 open mouth136542 self impregnation10 sex toy24530 shadenergy31 simple background376315 socks63539 solo1030944 speech bubble22062 spermatozoon1780 striped socks20779 this will end in pregnancy1197 uh oh256 unwanted impregnation209


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Sparklecest Connoisseur
Twilight is visiting the Crystal Empire.
Looking for Cadance. Ends up in her bedroom.
Does a bit of snooping. Bad pony.
Finds her toys. One of them is a molded replica of Shining's penis.
Twilight is in heat.
Wants to feel what it's like with her brother because of course she does.
It has a lube pump. She uses it.

~ Earlier that day ~

Shining going away on trip. Cadance in heat soon. Trying to have another foal.
Tells Cadance that he filled her dildo with his cum for when she's ovulating.
Twilight pregnant.
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Not necessarily. Because of this, I felt the need to look it up. As it turns out, so long as it doesn't dry out, semen can survive up to seventy-two hours outside of the human body. So, as long as it was within a day or two, and he was able to keep it from drying out, and thus dying, the semen could potentially still be viable.
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I'm the cutest blueberry
implying equestria runs on real life logic. maybe there enchanted so sperm lasts longer. you cant be sure. but it looks pretty alive to me and its porn so your argument is not valid regardless :)

I'd admit tho yes. if this was real life. shed be fine cause it long since be dead.