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An image I drew for /neet/, with a little silly story:

>Be (You)
>You pull up to your house, tired and annoyed from the day’s activities
>You practically bust down your front door, taking a deep whiff of the air inside
>Yes. There is it. That fucking putrid, stomach-churning smell
>You know who’s responsible. Their punishment is nigh
>You stomp over to your room, standing at the doorframe looking in
>There she sits, on your computer chair
>"Mn? Oh. Hey, Nonny. Did you get that twelve-pack of Mountain Dew is told’ya to get?"
>You grit your teeth, rumbling the earth as you approach Floor Bored
>"H-Hey, you alright? … I-I didn’t eat your pizza, I swear a rat got it."
>"Woh— Hey!"
>You lift her up from her foreleg and drag her towards the bathroom
>You toss her in, enter yourself, and lock the door behind you
>"Anon, I know that you’re mad, but seriously, the neighbor was the one that broke your last keyboard!"
>You start the shower
"In. Now."
>"C-C’mon, Nonny. Is this really necessar—
"Yes. Even if I held a gun to your head, you wouldn’t get yourself into the shower. IN. NOW."
>She looks at the water, gulping and looking back to you
>You glare at her with the force of a thousand suns
>She sighs, removing the greasy band that keeps her ponytail tied
>She gets in… and just sits there
"For the love of… fucking wash yourself, you pig!"
>"Mmn, the water can just—"
>You strip your clothes off, climbing into the bath as well
suggestive (108664)artist:crimsonsky (31)oc (500665)oc:anon (10322)oc:floor bored (409)4chan (5353)almost nude (25)angry (18550)annoyed (3933)barefoot (20785)blushing (147105)cute (139175)description is relevant (579)feet (28134)human (125623)neet (54)scrubbing (41)shampoo (229)shower (2528)story included (6120)strategically covered (2188)toes (4438)washing hair (29)

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11 comments posted
Background Pony #0D4B
Well, it’s a good thing he put some soap down there.
It’s probably the only way to get her teeth cleaned.
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Background Pony #2384
She just needs some tough love and lifestyle adjustment.

That, or a sugar daddy. That way, she wouldn’t have to work at all and could buy all the video games and hentai anime she wants.
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raakamagna's avatar
Ruwa is best waifu.
You are the kind of person I needed five years ago. Good thing I had someone like that in my life, she still steers me in the right direction when I make a mess.
I never lacked in hygiene, but my diet was awful.
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Deathspank's avatar

(Previously known as Stoopidhuman)

Tennessee Hillbilly
Floorb would hate living with me, at least initially. In a situation like that I would be pretty strict by most people’s standards, and she would learn real fast to keep up her hygiene, lest I lock up the wi-fi router in my gun safe and restrict her diet to water and veggies. Then it’d advance to teaching her work ethics, getting her to do chores and pushing her to pursue a career, eating better, etc.

But nevertheless she’d still receive affection, emotional support, and cuddles. She just needs some tough love and lifestyle adjustment.
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Background Pony #2384
Honestly, I don’t shower near so often as I should.
But if I had a cute li’l neet pone to wash, I’d probably shower with said neet pone more often than I do alone.
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raakamagna's avatar
Ruwa is best waifu.
Honestly if I lived with someone who avoided basic hygiene I would be both infuriated, and concerned, enough to act that way.
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