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Equestria at War

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safe (1374341)artist:miokomata (464)fluttershy (177243)cute (138747)cute little fangs (1261)fangs (16469)featured image (672)female (707730)folded wings (2876)freckles (18559)freckleshy (3)grass (6481)looking at you (113644)mare (309801)pegasus (172075)pony (646973)prone (19707)shyabetes (8671)smiling (172862)solo (845229)wings (47422)wolf teeth (11)wrong eye color (781)

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ゴルゴ-13's avatar
Fluttershy… 😑

What can I say, simply this

Seeing your smile makes me very happy! 😊

I like to appreciate all your beautiful pink mane, I see your beautiful blue eyes shine as your beauty because you always and forever will be someone very important to all my life 💜😊💜
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Background Pony #96D2
Big flutters noticed a little garden human in the grass; ’better take him in before the birds get him’ she thinks :)
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Comments42 comments posted