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safe (1397101)edit (93691)edited screencap (40603)editor:sonic ranger (116)screencap (165030)blaze (245)rarity (153710)soarin' (12329)surprise (2766)equestria girls (154794)equestria girls series (21725)the other side (359)adorasexy (7255)alternate hairstyle (20536)ankle boots (17)ass (35087)bare shoulders (1188)boots (15506)clothes (345042)cute (142393)cutie mark on clothes (577)eyeshadow (9954)female (728219)gloves (13756)goggles (11417)headphones (5745)jaw drop (174)looking back (40375)makeup (13392)male (247917)mare (319517)music video (247)off shoulder (1034)open mouth (100760)pegasus (178867)pony (666254)prone (20004)sexy (17584)shoes (22837)sinfully sexy (478)sky (9085)sleeveless (2275)smiling (176831)spread wings (39788)stallion (69370)strapless (892)stupid sexy rarity (604)uniform (7317)unitard (66)wingboner (7171)wings (49746)wonderbolts (3006)wonderbolts uniform (4767)

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