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Inktober Day 06

For Sleeping Spirit, feat. Gypsy.

All Adeptus Astartes must attend regular shifts on special Codex-compliant booping stations to keep up morale.
safe1726488 artist:ghouleh58 oc697352 oc only455874 oc:gypsy39 zebra18032 40k5 adeptus astartes14 astartes12 boop7490 crossover62935 happy31696 imperial guard143 salamanders12 silly7490 simple background400853 space marine541 transparent background205359 war hammer291 warhammer (game)2124 warhammer 40k2049 weapon30913 zebra oc3361


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Background Pony #A34B
You do know that pony's probably gonna die come the next day, right?
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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The xeno race known as “ponies” was originally met with the same hostility as any xeno species, but were almost immediately sanctioned by the High Lords of Terra after they got to see them first-hand
Riveris R.

@Background Pony #2F85
no. you dont seem to get the point there are no good guys. just as much as there is no bad guys. That is war.

Even chaos to the only understanding of chaos thinks they are the good guys. Nearly every cultist is happy to die for the dark gods. Nurgal gives gifts. Khorn gives glory. Slanessh gives pleasure. And tzeench gives understanding. (very very generalized)

The imperum is dark because it has to be. fighting on all fronts. Fear of corruption. The loss of its head millennia ago and the squabbling and paper work weigh heavy. But most people in the majoirty live fairly happy lifes. most worlds are like modern earth today and even hives very inside from the largest city to the towering mountains of steel and smoke.

Orks do what they where literally built to do. Fight.

Eldar are scared. Even the dark eldar. The fear slanessh and with a dying race they fear dying out entirely.

Necrons to some extent are a mixed bag. But most just wake up and leave. or give a fair ammount of time to leave the planet. but most of them are lost in the machines they are forced to stay in.

The nids are running away from something but they only do what they feel is natrual. possably also designed to fight due to the fact they store all the genetic information of everything they eat. All of it.

Tau are special they are a very very young race comparatively. only around five to six thousand years old. They do not understand entirely what the rest of the universe is like. But they are learning. Now they are not noble bright. you can never leave your cast ever. you can never fight if you are a water or earth cast. you can never truly get out of war if your born into the fire cast. and there are now growing tensions between the varying casts. Cant marry outside your cast ether. Now they are learning slowly.

I like the tau and kroot to be honest. despite the fact Im IG all the way.

there are no good guys in 40k. thats not how war works
Daz Dvergar

No Salamander space marine should ever be allowed to boop again. ESPECIALLY not their Primarch Vulkan.