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safe1615787 edit123075 edited screencap59237 screencap210833 apple bloom47514 applejack162590 big macintosh27092 flash magnus770 granny smith5129 little strongheart787 mistmane706 pinkie pie207491 prince hisan75 saffron masala1589 somnambula1769 buffalo908 earth pony215962 pegasus257331 campfire tales727 daring done?927 over a barrel721 pinkie apple pie1005 spice up your life1041 assassin's creed469 comparison chart204


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I think it's like those SpongeBob pics, where a game is represented by a pony or moment in MLP, in this case, Assassin's Creed game represented by MLP.

Hence, the use of the lovely chef pone.