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This is a request that I asked my friend Awalex to draw for me.

It's my MLP OC, Jungle Heart, and her boyfriend, Wildlife, among the vines of the jungle. And… I think we can clearly see who is the vine expert of these two. Hehe.

I wanted this drawing to show their love for each other, and that's exactly what it does. And if I may say, the flower he's giving to her, is a very nice touch, indeed.

(This drawing was made by Awalex. Please check him out. He's a very gifted artist.)

(Jungle Heart and Wildlife are my characters. Any use of them, or any of my other OCs, without my permission, is not acceptable. Please ask before using them, or my other OCs. Thanks in advance for your understanding.)
safe1615029 artist:awalex64 oc626701 oc:jungle heart51 oc:wildlife7 earth pony215712 pony882613 blush sticker2267 blushing182473 digital art14949 female1285590 flower23431 freckles26175 jungle508 looking at each other17747 male343607 mare439213 mouth hold15986 oc x oc13771 offering117 requested art1255 shipping188254 stallion97756 straight127774 tangled up326 vine1203


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