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This still image can be taken as shipping fuel exactly the same way as the full scene (which is actually the context).

A true out of context would be something like this:

I'm not removing the tag because with the right mental gymnastics I can see your point. I just think it's funny to specify 'out of context' when the original context leaves the same impression.
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P.S. spoiler:eqg specials is only for Dance Magic, Movie Magic and Mirror Magic.
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Mal Hearts
Out of context because it's a still image (that's how you spell the version of still that means non-moving, correct?) with the actual context being somewhat different, but still shipping fuel worthy, than this.

(I said a mouthfull…)
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Mal Hearts
Fixed the tags.

This isn't shipping… It's shipping fuel. There's a difference.

(Shipping means they are am actual couple, shipping fuel means it's only implied but no confirmation has been given. Basically, they're just best friends.)