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suggestive136741 artist:johnjoseco4430 princess celestia92929 princess luna97158 human149850 a-cup angst21 absolute cleavage3118 adorasexy9268 belly button73915 big breasts77556 bikini17300 bikini babe689 blushing188893 breast envy442 breasts264672 busty princess celestia9875 cleavage33226 clothes440970 crown15839 cute191849 cutie mark on human1874 female1317714 females only11888 flustered276 grayscale36897 humanized97859 jewelry58521 looking at you159296 lunabetes3425 monochrome146669 one-piece swimsuit4235 open mouth136287 praise the sun2004 regalia18570 sexy27829 simple background375909 swimsuit27040 underass2350 white background93171


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In Treue fest
Those are some fine princesses! Celestia's looking simply divine here!
Luna's just lovely as well! I love her expression and her swimsuit has a certain charm to it.
Background Pony #FAF6
Did being trapped in the moon for a thousand years make it so Luna has no idea what modern beach wear looks like?