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From Deviantart:  
Applebloom has proven to Applejack and her other family members that she’s not a baby anymore, and they allow her to go to the dentist’s office alone because she has proven to be a big girl now.
Good for Applebloom! full
The art style was inspired by ShutterflyEQD
I have to do 20 of them to win the bet. 13 down, 7 more to go. I know I can do it. :)
I hope you all like this! :D
dead source25191 safe1752612 artist:comfydove121 apple bloom51058 minuette5968 twilight sparkle306430 earth pony266730 pony1012408 unicorn343136 bow30028 chair7111 cute205936 dentist145 female1403706 filly69772 hair bow16412 looking at each other21500 mare503126 open mouth154846 raised hoof48497 sitting65675 smiling261670


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Background Pony #9C61
I wish I would’ve been that brave when I was little…
The dentist still terrifies me