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these are a panorama image, merging up
safe1753958 artist:andypriceart3120 apple bloom51100 big macintosh28864 bon bon16701 crystal ball (character)5 daring do6506 derpy hooves50816 doctor whooves10954 gallus6998 lyra heartstrings30122 nightmare moon17241 ocellus5454 owlowiscious2014 princess cadance33184 princess celestia96868 princess luna100883 sandbar5613 scootaloo51973 silverstream6310 smolder8250 starlight glimmer49864 sunset shimmer64946 sweetie belle49770 sweetie drops16700 tiberius371 time turner10950 trixie68811 yona5233 alicorn233430 bird8819 buzzard20 changedling8799 changeling49923 classical hippogriff5120 dragon58826 earth pony267339 griffon28027 hippogriff10165 opossum158 owl1199 pegasus310366 pony1013618 unicorn343670 yak4753 idw15475 spoiler:comic10755 spoiler:comic7170 60s batman32 a nightmare on elm street31 adam west33 andy you magnificent bastard281 apple16799 apple bobbing89 barrel1660 bates house1 batman2186 batman 661 behaving like a bat96 british invasion4 broom1765 calvin and hobbes105 captain america347 cauldron1157 charlie brown146 cloak4452 clothes477014 clown811 clown ocellus4 comic111617 costume28611 crescent moon1930 crystal ball534 cutie mark crusaders19343 donut2116 dracula258 dragoness9011 eat at joe's4 elm street1 elton john32 elvis presley44 female1404803 fence2995 filly69839 flying39514 flying broomstick748 foal15763 food73164 fortune teller73 ghost costume59 gravestone868 grim grinning gala2 guitar5154 halloween8288 halloween costume1737 hat90619 hobbes11 holiday20453 it's the great pumpkin charlie brown!15 jack skellington105 jack-o-lantern2349 jaws116 joan jett7 lantern1664 leaves2045 leia skywalker15 male389039 mare503622 mask7104 microphone5340 monster mash1 moon24152 mummy525 music notes3423 musical instrument11835 night27444 nightmare night4743 nightmare night costume1594 nightmare on elm street74 official comic2472 optimus prime1037 peanuts309 peanuts (comic)45 preview1994 princess leia134 pumpkin4302 royal sisters4615 shark fin37 speakers783 speech bubble24464 stallion116164 star trek1016 star wars3246 statue2405 student six1663 the dave clark five2 the haunted mansion60 the mummy19 the nightmare before christmas193 the three stooges68 thought bubble3579 transformers4059 tree33634 tree stump522 uhura9 wall of tags3676 witch costume252 witch hat3123


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Background Pony #CA64
Those ponies who are dressed up as Charlie Brown, Lucy, Violet, Shermy, Schroeder and Pigpen in Halloween costumes are none other than Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash. How can I tell, because Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Applejack are dressed as ghosts, Rarity is dressed as Mr. Hyde and Rainbow Dash is dressed as a witch.
Dirty Bit
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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That's him, officer
Definitely enjoying all the references shown!
So many references.
Derpy: a bat
Owlowiscious: batman
Captain America pony
Big Macintosh: calvin & hobbes
CMC: the three stooges
Celestia: elvis
Luna: I admit I’m not sure what rocker she is.
Tiberius: Elton John?
Peanuts great pumpkin charlie brown gang
Had to cheat and look at the tags for Luna. Why I’d forget Johnny Ramone of the Ramones, I’ll never know…
Hey! Ho! Let’s go!
Background Pony #C015
@Background Pony #FD76  
I know but that was a while ago, I’d understand if it was for official ceremonies always, but in the comics it kinda feels like whenever Cadance goes out to have fun or party she ditches Shining for it.
But sorry, don’t mean to nag, I’ll shut up now.
Background Pony #4AE5
Andy has tweeted that Luna is Joan Jett. Perhaps the “Johnny Ramone” tag should be replaced?
Background Pony #C015
I did say just the comics, in the series he gets at least a little more representation…or maybe just I should say Cadance doesn’t get that much more than him. In the comics it just feels like, since the Friends Forever miniseries stopped, Cadance basically never does anything with, or even mentions, Shining, and shows up for most of the important events often which are just excuses and having fun, with him not getting to join in. Just makes me kinda sad.
Background Pony #C015
Is she? I don’t know, just feels like in the comics Cadance is constantly dumping Shining with Flurry duty and doing stuff without him. I mean its a Gala and she doesn’t even bring him along. Guess I’d just like it if they actually acknowledged him from time to time as actually doing things with her.
Background Pony #B4DD
So Cadance was invited to this Gala but not Shining? In these comics it sometimes feels like the writers want Cadance to come across like she never does anything together with her husband.