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I switched the order of pages so you can enjoy the fact gray pony was released. Also, this will include a jump back in time for the next part that returns us to our B-story in Canterlot… when Luna was still there. Oops.  
Also, was this court ruling a part of Spike’s plan?
Art by me, story co-written with Midnight Blaze.  
In panel 2 - Magello’s OC - Southern Comfort
safe1754407 artist:pony-berserker922 derpy hooves50819 pinkie pie220528 princess luna100906 oc713585 oc:southern comfort99 alicorn233503 earth pony267505 pegasus310493 pony1014010 unicorn343831 comic:age (in)appropriate23 comic111631 crying44922 derp6927 gavel76 harvey birdman21 insanity2668 lawyer98 magic75559 silhouette2601


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