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While his original is rather nice and playful and suppresses his natural siren instincts as much as he can to appear somewhat normal, Mean Kellin has no such qualms with abusing magic to get what he wants (without guilt anyway) and the immense power he holds with his magic is rivalled only by that of powerful, centuries old alicorns. However, he has no real clue what to do with that kind of power, plus his only real weakness is a big one, his libido. True to his original, he’s got a sex drive that won’t quit, and he instead uses his powers to get other ponies to fuck him, or any species, really. Unfortunately for him, this means his ’evil plans’, as vague as they were, don’t get accomplished as he’s too busy getting off.

Since he’s already pretty gray, I didn’t lower saturation that much. His CM took the most effort to change, as the inner design swapped, so t had to be redone. A more subtle change to it is making the tree part better match the, what I can only presume, is a prototype album cover as opposed to the ’real’ one. Shirt was corrupted from ’MEAT SUCKS’ to ’MEAT RULES’ which is now also a double meaning. Necklace was made darker, hair was edited slightly, and of course the eyes changed.
safe (1459597)artist:lightningbolt (709)derpibooru exclusive (21001)oc (540600)oc only (371221)pony (724685)unicorn (215794)the mean 6 (1378)clone (1525)clothes (366338)dark magic (2209)disguise (3313)disguised siren (286)drop dead clothing (125)evil (2384)fangs (18395)feather (4577)glow (3412)green sclera (46)grin (28923)jewelry (41066)kellin quinn (169)long sleeves (218)looking at you (124927)magic (59197)male (267377)messy hair (690)necklace (12750)ponified (35581)prone (20906)raised hoof (33071)red eyes (4386)shirt (17831)sleeping with sirens (168)slit eyes (3242)smiling (188664)solo (895025)sombra eyes (2668)stallion (76807)standing (8504)svg (2945).svg available (6891)vector (67716)

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