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Young Leosword
@Background Pony #E0DD
Despite being thousands of years older than Twilight, She highly regards Her current caretaker. One whom has accomplished countless deeds in Her name and to whom fate gave a cutie mark bearing a likeness to a millennia old symbol, but while the meaning of the six-pointed star is somewhat ambiguous, the importance of those who bear it is as clear as the Twilight. ;3
Background Pony #7D18
Why the tree of harmony choose twilight to make his/her appearance, because twilight name has sparkle in it.
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Young Leosword
Similarly, worlds in Kingdom Hearts are said to be living since they all have hearts which need a keyblade to be unlocked (or locked; don’t remember the explanation pertaining to worlds’ hearts, lel). Ah, but the Final Fantasy VII world is definitely a living sentience running on midichlorians, hurr hurr. :3
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Artist -

A Prismatic Unicorn
The tree kinda reminds me of the Heart of The Island. Benevolent, yet capable of directly killing, able to make it's own decisions to shape the future, has a fair bit of power in it's own domain, but still needs protection, protection that it must itself deem worthy of protecting it… In LOST, there were even six candidates for protecting The Heart, because it had deemed them worthy.

Only difference is, I don't think The Heart was sentient.
Background Pony #7D18
It's the Tree of Harmony manifest itself as Twilight, I knew that tree has a mind on it's own since the day The mean six episode