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Funge-98 is Magic
Huh… come to think of it, it’d be awfully tragic if Stygian wasn’t saved in Shadow Play. Not only would he be forever trapped in limbo, but the Tree of Harmony would also have died after the Elements were sacrificed. You know, the living, sapient Tree of Harmony.

And as it stands (as of What Lies Beneath, not sure about future episodes), no one but the Young 6 and Cozy Glow know that she’s actually sapient… she could have died without anyone being any the wiser that she was, well, a living being.

That’s kinda dark in hindsight. I love it.
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Young Leosword
Cadance’s powers are derived from another equally ancient Chinese and mystic source. Why destiny decided to give the Tree a symbol reminiscent of a cutie mark that wouldn’t exist for over one thousand years is a separate discussion. ;D
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Young Leosword
It does seem She has difficulty communicating, but Her intentions have always been benevolent, at least whenever She isn’t being tricked, like Discord and Accord did. After the mane six unlocked their inner powers with the Elements and they returned them to the Tree, She decided to help them further with the Box and the Map. Outside the events from the above image, one of Her more notable actions was expanding the Map after The Movie. :3
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I just watched this episode and the idea that the Tree of Harmony is growing and developing more abilities is immensely intriguing. The very fact that it/she(?) can communicate is crazy! How far can the Tree of Harmony’s roots go? Is it/she(?) the opposite of discord considering the tree can sense and predict friendship disputes? Are there any connections to the crystal empire? So many questions!!! Is it/she(?) growing because of Twilight and company’s spreading of friendship throughout the word or is it just coincidental? If it is because of Twilight and crew it would make the mane 6 basically knights of friendship.
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